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Nathalie Jones Glasgow Dietician

Testimonials from individuals

After years of constantly battling with my weight, I went to see Nathalie. Despite eating healthy foods and largely at the right times, I struggled to keep my weight in check. In fact, whilst training for the Edinburgh Marathon, I PUT ON 14 pounds! Nathalie helped me to become more aware of my portion sizes and also the right mix of foods to eat for my training. This has resulted in me losing 24 pounds in 12 weeks, with weight still continuing to fall off. (My wife has also lost 10 pounds in this time!) I have more energy and have successfully trained for and completed the New York Marathon this time. The biggest compliment I could make to Nathalie is that she is always on hand to offer advice / support. On a number of occasions since my consultation, I have e-mailed her with some quick questions / queries which she responded to both quickly and in detail. This has been invaluable and is the thing that has really said to me that she cares about her clients. I even had a text from her asking how I got on in New York. I would recommend Nathalie's service to anyone. Hopefully I will never need to see her again!!
-received advice on weight loss and diet to support marathon training

I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. I found the session really helpful and feel much happier that I now have a base point of how to improve my eating before it may get out of hand. I think that the eating plan that you gave me is realistic and seems logical and easy enough for me to follow.
-received advice for weight loss

The one-hour appointment with Nathalie was very insightful. The plan essentially goes back to basics and seems relatively easy to follow. No calorie counting or weighing thankfully. It is all based on portion sizes. Upping my carbs and dairy and using protein for after exercise.
- received advice on diet to support ultra running

I have been ‘dieting’ on and off for the last 30 years, trying things like Weight Watchers, Atkins and just plain healthy eating. However, I always found that, although I lost weight for a few weeks, I just became obsessed with food and would end up bingeing and then packing it all in. I then found Nathalie. After looking at my average eating patterns, she analysed my diet in terms of its nutritional value and I had a long chat with her about the psychology of my eating. I knew a lot of the ‘facts’ about losing weight but, for me, the help I needed was more about how to put these into practice. Nathalie then came up with a unique set of suggestions for me. The advice she gives is not dependent on the latest fad but is backed up by hard scientific evidence. Over the following months, she gave me as much or as little advice as I needed. Whenever I was having problems, she was only a text message, email or phone call away. I always felt that Nathalie was there for me. I lost 10 pounds (I didn’t have much to lose) but what’s so different this time, is that I feel I can maintain it. I have changed my eating habits now because I want to and not because some diet has told me what I can and can’t eat. I still have my treats such as the odd glass of wine etc but have almost given up things like Indian take-a-ways – just because I no longer want them. As a personal trainer, Nathalie has also been able to advise me on the affect of exercise on my weight loss. Although I do not need to be in contact regularly, I know that Nathalie will always be available, should I need any advice
- received phone and e-mail advice on diet for losing weight

Thank you for helping me. Talking to you spurred me on
– received advice on diet in pregnancy.

Ever since [our diet appointment], I have felt better in every way. My training improved, as did recovery times. I now have energy all through the day and my concentration on studying has increased. I’ve been singing your praises to everyone at the club.
– received advice on diet to improve his running during training and competition

You are very insightful, I wish I’d contacted you years ago. I think people all know about diet clubs but should think about this as it’s so much more personal.
– received phone and e-mail advice on diet for losing weight

Thank you very much for all your help and support
– received advice on diet for losing weight

Thank you for your help, from a proud mum
- received advice on her teenage son’s diet to improve his boxing during training and competition

I started the diet as soon as I left our session and I’m feeling so much better. I’ve had no bloating, tiredness or stomach cramps. I’m going to the toilet more regularly and I’ve even lost a few pounds!
– received advice on IBS

It has been a successful few races since we met. The diet plan has been going great, my energy levels feel good and it's making a difference to my training sessions in particular
– received advice on nutrition for 400m sprint training performance

I would like to express my sincere heartfelt thanks to Nathalie for a very insightful session. The courtesy, care and support shown by Nathalie is just tremendous. Throughout the session, Nathalie works with total dedication to achieve the greatest possible result for her client. She is a perfectionist who is nothing short of a credit to her profession. My sporting objectives are to complete a number of 5k, 10k races and triathlons. I gained invaluable insight into the importance of nutrients and eating a balanced diet at the right times. Nathalie is always just an e-mail, text or phone call away and this level of support and commitment is just amazing
- received advice on diet for weight loss and sports nutrition

Nathalie constructed a specific eating plan which was designed to enable me to lose about 1 pound each week. I was a little sceptical since the 'diet' did not really forbid any of the food I already ate. However, by adhering to the portion sizes, within a month I could see the difference and at no point felt deprived or hungry. Over the next three and a half months, my weight gradually dropped from 82.6kg to 74.2kg. I particularly benefitted from the encouragement and advice that Nathalie provided by e-mail between visits. The educational aspect of balanced eating and maintaining a healthy weight has also been a great help and really does endorse the fact that knowledge is power when it comes to making healthy choices
– received advise for losing weight after not being able to run though injury

I wanted to let you know that Loch Ness [marathon] went really well. Thank you for your nutritional advice. There is no doubt that had I not changed my diet during the training period, I would not have completed
- received advice on diet during a marathon training programme.

Everything you said was like a penny dropping and made total sense. I wish I had come to see you sooner
– received advice for losing weight

Testimonials from groups and organisations

Many thanks again for a most stimulating talk last night. The members all enjoyed it very much and I hope we'll be able to fix up another session soon
-feedback for a talk given to a prostate cancer support group

A great session as always. Well done for dealing with so many on the spot requests
- feedback after a healthy eating session at Breast Cancer Care

It was obvious that all the ladies really enjoyed the session and took a lot from it. I learn something new at every one of your training sessions!
- feedback from an employee at Breast Cancer Care

Just a big thank you for the interesting and informative talk you gave us. Loads to think about and positive feedback from all the staff and committee members who were involved
- feedback after a workplace healthy eating talk

I have had staff coming up to me since your talk, saying how much they found it interesting and not in the least patronising!
- feedback after a workplace healthy eating talk

I just want to say thank you very much indeed for your presentation at our "Weigh in at Work" training. Your support in delivering the training and its actual delivery was excellent. The feedback we received from attendees was fantastic and most definitely indicated the training content met their needs
- feedback from a workplace training programme